Thursday, January 28, 2010

Puppet Playtime!

The children's play area is shaping up nicely now that we have our exciting new puppet theater.  We have our very own piece of a river to play on!

There's lots of room for puppets and players, so put on your creative thinking caps!  We have new and old puppets who are waiting for you to produce your very own puppet show. 

There are ten geese in this painting.  Can you think of a famous picture book with ten ducks?  (Hint: the ducks hatch on the Charles River and waddle their way to the Boston Common.)  If you know the answer, tell a librarian in the children's room, and get a sticker!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Day of Love (for books!)

Valentine's Day is only a few more weeks away.  The children's room is getting ready for a very special display, and we need your help!  Come to the library, and visit the reference desk in the children's room.  You'll find a little red bucket with blank stickers just waiting to be filled in with the title of your favorite book.  Do you have more than one favorite book?  Great!  You can fill out a few more stickers while you're here.

We want favorite books from kids, favorite books from parents, and favorite books from anyone who has ever read a wonderful children's book.  Novels, picture books, fairy tales--any book that you love to read and read again.

Just hurry in before Valentine's Day has come and gone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year, New Display!

Happy New Year, everyone!  January 1st in the United States of America is traditionally a time to set goals for the year, make resolutions, and turn over a new leaf in life.  But, did you know that not everyone celebrates the new year on January 1st?

One of the biggest celebrations is the Lunar New Year in Asia, where many countries like China, Vietnam, and Korea celebrate the new year later in January or February.  This year, Lunar New Year is on February 14th--the same as Valentine's Day! 

Another familiar new year celebration is the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, which occurs in September.  As a religious holiday, there are many rituals and traditions associated with Rosh Hashana.

You can read all about the American New Year, Lunar New Year, and Rosh Hashanah at the library!  The new book display has information about all three holidays. 


While you're looking at the displays, why not pick up a book about Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Next Monday is a holiday to remember him.  We also have books on the display about outdoor sports to play during winter as well as lots of indoor activities to keep you entertained during the cold weather!