Friday, August 6, 2010

One blue cake, coming right up!

August 18th is Percy Jackson's birthday, and there will be a fantastic birthday party for him at the library on Thursday, August 19th.  Who knows--you might even find some blue food!

In preparation for this party, it could be fun to re-read your favorite Percy Jackson book.  If you've read those more times than you can count, there's a sneak peek of Rick Riordan's next book!  You'll recognize a few characters in the second chapter.  Go to and enter the password "newhero" (without the quotation marks), which will show you the cover of The Lost Hero as well as the first two chapters.  I have some theories brewing about the possible plot!

After that, make sure you've read The Red Pyramid.  What do you think would happen if Percy Jackson and Carter Kane met?  Would they get along?  Or would the Greek gods and the Egyptian gods fight too much?

P.S. -- Put a hold on a copy of The Lost Hero! The link is up above :-)