Monday, January 7, 2008

Books to read aloud

Are you looking for a variety of books to read aloud to your youngsters? Here are some older classics as well as some more recent titles.

Bulion, Leslie. Hey There, Stink Bug! 45 p.
Kids will enjoy learning about different insects through poetry. The author uses different poetic styles to describe how insects capture prey, trick predators, attract mates, and have managed to survive for 400 million years. Witty and humorous poems for all ages! Includes a glossary and poetry notes. Independent reading for grades 2-5.

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Patches and Scratches. 74 p.
Sarah Simpson, also known as “Idea Girl”, loves to solve problems. Her friend Peter would like to have a dog, but his grandmother won’t allow him to. Sarah tries to find a solution to Peter’s dilemma. She gives him a goldfish and then a turtle, but he is not happy with these pets. When Peter’s grandmother is given a cat named Patches, Sarah and Peter try to convince her that she should keep it. Independent reading for grades 2-4.

Seuling, Barbara. Robert and the Great Escape. 118 p.
Robert and his friend Paul go on an exciting skiing vacation, but when they return to school they find that their third grade pet, Sally the snake, has gone missing! Independent reading for grades 2-4.

Voigt, Cynthia. The Rosie Stories. 48 p.
Rosie is a dog who loves to eat everything. Read about her funny and mischievous attempts to get food from the breakfast table and even the trash when no one is home. Independent reading for grades 2-3.

White, E.B. The Trumpet of the Swan. 210 p.
Louis is a trumpeter swan just like the rest of his family. But unlike his brothers and sisters, Louis can’t make a sound! When Louis meets Serena he can’t win her affection, because he can’t trumpet his love. He thinks of other ways to win her love, including learning how to read and write. Nothing seems to work, but then his father steals him a trumpet. Will a trumpet solve his problem? Independent reading for grades 4-6.

Wilson, A.N. Tabitha. 42 p.
For children who love to read about cats! Five short stories about a cat named Tabitha, her father Pufftail, and the other cats in the neighborhood. Venture into the world of a curious kitten growing into a cat. A great set of stories to read together before bedtime or for your independent reader in grades 2-4.

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