Monday, April 7, 2008

Lalicki, Tom (2006). Danger in the Dark (A Houdini & Nate Mystery). 186 pages. Grades 5-7.

It is the summer of 1911 and thirteen year old Nathaniel lives with his widowed mother and his great-aunt Alice in New York City. When he is woken up repeatedly by strange voices, Nate begins to suspect that something unusual is taking place at his aunt’s home. He soon realizes that his aunt is having spiritual gatherings that are led by Mr. Trane, a man that his aunt had just befriended. After meeting Houdini at his place of work, Bennett & Son, Gentleman’s Hatters, Nate asks for his help to uncover the mystery behind these gatherings and they find out that the phony man leading the séances is trying to get his hands on his aunt’s fortune rather than reach out to spirits. If you enjoyed reading about Houdini and would like to learn more about his life, try Spellbinder: The Life of Harry Houdini, also by Tom Lalicki.

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