Monday, September 15, 2008

A new adventure from Erin Hunter

Hunter, Erin (2008). The Quest Begins. (The Seekers, bk.1) 293 pages. (Grades 5-7).

The story follows the journey of three bears: Kallik, a polar bear, Toklo, a grizzly bear, and Lusa, a black bear. Each bear must overcome hardships in order to continue their quest to the Northern Lights. Kallik becomes separated from her family and must continue on her own. Toklo is abandoned by his mother and meets a shape-shifting cub. Lusa meets Oka, Toklo's mother in the zoo, and promises to find him and bring him a message. It seems that destiny will bring these three bears together on a dangerous journey that will continue throughout this new series. Includes an excerpt from Great Bear Lake (The Seekers, bk. 2).

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