Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you have what it takes to win the Golly-whopper Games?

Feldman, Jody (2008). The Golly-Whopper Games. 308 pages. Grades 4-7.
Twelve-year-old Gil Goodson's life hasn't been the same since "the Incident," when his father was falsely accused of stealing money from his employer, the Golly Toy and Game Company (GTGC). The kids at school treat him horribly and can't seem to get over "the Incident." Gil believes that his only chance at a fresh start for him and his family is to compete and win the Golly-whopper Games sponsored by the GTGC. Gil and thousands of other children must solve word games, puzzles, and other stunts in order to win prizes, including a college scholarship. During the games, Gil must work with the other finalists as a team, as well as independently in order to get to the final four. Some of the puzzles and codes are tricky, but the contestants solve them in their own unique way. Readers can solve the word puzzles and codes along with Gil and the other contestants. A fun and humorous book about a boy who justs wants to live a normal life.

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