Friday, December 19, 2008

NFPL Blog is One Year Old!

Here are some fun birthday books to read together:

Asch, Frank. Happy Birthday, Moon.

Bear discovers that he and the moon have the same birthday! What kind of a present can he give the moon?

Miranda, Anne. Alphabet Fiesta: An English/Spanish Alphabet Story.

Zelda Zebra's friends plan to attend her surprise party and look to bring something to make her birthday really special.

Patricelli, Leslie. The Birthday Box.

An imaginative young child has a wonderful time playing with a box he receives for his birthday. What's better than getting a brand-new toy as a birthday gift? Playing with the box it came in!

Sperring, Mark. The Fairytale Cake.

Can fairytale characters come to life and bake a yummy cake? Find out who made the cake!

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