Monday, March 23, 2009

A dark and sinister tale...

Horowitz, Anthony (2008). Groosham Grange. Grades 5-8.

Thirteen-year-old David Eliot is the son of a wheel-chair bound father who is abusive towards him and his mother. When David is expelled from his boarding school, his father is furious and considers his son a complete failure. Then a letter mysteriously arrives from another private school, Groosham Grange, offering David an instant placement, and his father doesn't hesitate to pack him up and send him off. On the train ride to the school, David meets two other students, who also received a similar letter. They share their feelings about attending this boarding school and vow to stick together. David soon realizes that something sinister and evil is happening at Groosham Grange. Cult-like meetings in the middle of the night, and secretive behavior by teachers and students lead him to believe that something horrible is happening. But what is really going on? It is up to David and his two friends to discover the truth, before they are forced to make a difficult decision.

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