Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"The Girl Who Could Fly"

Forester, Victoria (200 ). The Girl Who Could Fly. Grades 5-8.

Meet Piper McCloud, a farm girl who has never left her hometown, not even to go to a school. When she realizes that she can fly, she amazes herself and shocks her parents. No matter how much her parents try to discourage her from continuing to fly, Piper feels that it is a special gift and that she should use it. Before she can master her flying skills, she is taken to a secret government facility, which is led by Dr. Letitia Hellion. Piper is immediately placed in a classroom with other kids who have a variety of special abilities. Piper is amazed with the quality of life at the school. Meals are the best that she has ever tasted and all of her needs are seen to. However, it is soon apparent that Dr. Letitia Hellion may not have been honest with Piper and her reason for bringing her to the facility. In order to discover the truth, Piper must work with the other children to figure out why they were all brought to the same place.

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