Friday, October 16, 2009

Crafts for Keeps: Make your own book

You can make a book out of just about anything!  The best part of making is a book is that you get to choose what to put in it.  So make yourself a coloring book, a sketch book, or a journal--it's easier than you think, and it won't require any special tools.

The links below use materials that you can find around the house: paper, cardboard, cereal boxes, glue sticks, and maybe some ribbon or sticks.  If you want to get fancy, find some wrapping paper or a fun magazine cover to add decoration.  An adult should be involved in the whole process, especially if scissors and needles come into play!

Ages 3+
Make an alphabet book
  • There's no cover on this book, but you could create one from a manila folder.  Just punch holes into both the folder and the pages, then tie with ribbon or string.  Use markers, crayons, or pictures from magazines to decorate the cover.
  • Make different coloring books by printing out free designs online.  Crayola has lots of coloring pages!
Ages 5+
Make a book with a stick and a rubber band
  • A small stick from the yard will work well, or you can experiment with Tinkertoys, chopsticks, or anything else stick-like around the house.
  • Try a piece of ribbon or some yarn if you can't find a rubber band.
Ages 7+
Sew a small book with a needle and string
  • Have an adult help with this one!  You'll need to poke holes with a big needle and sew with a smaller needle.  (Dull needles are best for this kind of book binding.)
  • Even though this book won't have many pages, the paper will lay flat when you open it--great for writing or drawing!
Ages 9+
Make a book with a hard cover
  • This one needs a knife and sharp scissors, so let an adult handle the cutting.
  • Find some cool paper for the front and back covers.

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