Thursday, December 17, 2009

When a wave leaves, where does it go?

The play area looks a little different today. The wave has moved on for new adventures, and the children's librarians are excited about the puppet theater that is being built for the room as we speak.  A painter is putting the final touches on the library walls, and the play area should be open in another day or two.  Be sure to stop in to see the progress!

Today's book review honors the wave's depature:

Lee, Suzy (2008).  Wave (All Ages).

A girl meets the ocean in this remarkable wordless picture book.  She eyes the approaching water, then scares it away with a fearsome roar.  She stomps in puddles, digs in the sand, and watches the water with a flock of seagulls.  Each wave has a personality, bringing new thoughts and sometimes a surprise.  Whether we've been to the beach or not, we as readers take delight in the water, the horizon, and the girl's marvelous imagination.


When a wave leaves, where does it go? 

Write a poem, tell a story, or draw a picture, then share it here on the children's room's blog!  You can leave a comment or click the link under "Reviews by Kids" to the right to send your work to a children's librarian.

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