Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where the Less Wild Things Are

Proimos, James (2009). Patricia von Pleasantsquirrel (Gr. K-2).

Patricia von Pleasantsquirrel knows that she is a princess, but her non-royal family disagrees.  Inspired by Max, from Where the Wild Things Are, she flies off in her little airplane to search for her own princessdom.  The Land of Hippos happily welcomes Patricia as their princess: they dance past midnight, eat cake all day long, and give her a great big crown to wear.  Unfortunately, Patricia's job comes with a very long, very tiring list of rules.  Suddenly, home seems a lot better than it did before.

This picture book is laugh-out-loud funny for both kids and the adults who read to them.  Comical side comments and literary references balance Patricia's saucy personality, making this an irreverent take on a familiar childhood wish.

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