Friday, April 2, 2010

"A Good, Good Pig Story"

Mansfield, Howard (2008). Hogwood Steps Out.(PreS-Gr. 2)

Christopher Hogwood is a pig who knows what he likes.  He likes nibbling in the neighbor's garden, digging up the lawn with his snout, running away from the policeman, and admiring the fine work of a backhoe.  He likes mud and apples and the fresh smells of spring on the breeze.  He also likes reminding people that he weighs 600 pounds and could run them over if he wanted to.  (Fortunately for everyone, he doesn't want to.)  If only everyone could enjoy the small pleasures of life as much as he does!  The gardener, the lawn's owner, and the policeman are less pleased with the way Hogwood tears up the ground and scares everyone away, but Hogwood doesn't mind: he has them all very well trained.

This is a laugh-out-loud story about a very smart pig and the very patient people he encounters.  There's a surprising amount of piggy information in this book, but you'll be laughing while you learn.  Share it with someone you love!

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