Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monday is a Holiday

Monday is a very important day.  Public schools won't have any classes, the Post Office will be closed, and even the librarians will be taking a break. 

What could possibly keep the wonderful teachers, postal workers, librarians, and other adults away from their jobs? 

Memorial Day!

Memorial Day can trace its roots all the way back to 1866, right after the American Civil War ended.  In the beginning, people called it Decoration Day.  "Memorial Day" didn't become a popular name until many years later.  It was a day to remember the soldiers who had died in the Civil War, and enough people continued to observe the day that the government finally made it federal holiday in 1971.   People celebrated the day for more than one hundred years before it became an official holiday!

In the past, Memorial Day was held on May 30, but workers and students really like having a three-day weekend.  Today, Memorial Day is always held on the last Monday in May, and it's a day to remember soldiers who have died in many wars.  Needham will have services and a parade this year, so you can celebrate, too!

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