Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adam, Paul (2010). Max Cassidy: Escape From Shadow Island (Gr. 5-9)

Max Cassidy goes to school like other 14-year-olds, but that's the only normal part of his life.  Like Houdini, Max has devoted most of his life to being an escape artist, learning the skills from his equally talented father.  When his father disappeared from a Central American country while traveling two years ago, the corrupt courts there declared him dead and viciously convicted Max's mother of murdering her husband.  With the help of his guardian, Conseula, Max is determined to travel to the scene of the crime and bring his family back together.  His journey to Shadow Island, however, is more dangerous than any escape he's ever attempted on stage.

This thriller has suspense, adventure, mystery, and a backstage peek at how escape artists work.

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