Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Silly Picture Books

In Alethea Kontis’ Alpha Oops! The Day Z Went First, the alphabet is interrupted by the letter ‘Z’ and Zebra who are tired of going last. ‘Z’ gets his way and begins the alphabet, but he doesn’t get very far when ‘P’ interrupts him! Soon the middle letters want a change too and the alphabet is completely out of order with ‘D’ following ‘R’ and ‘B’ after ‘G’! Children who know their ABCs will find this book extremely funny.

Children will love Victoria Kann’s Pinkalicious in which a young girl has one too many pink cupcakes and becomes pink herself! At first she enjoys being pink, but when she turns red after eating sneaking one more cupcake she decides to take the doctor’s advice and eat her vegetables. This is a silly and imaginative lesson in what might happen if you over indulge in sweets.

Another silly book is David Shannon’s A Bad Case of Stripes in which Camilla Cream who worries about what others think of her begins to turn different colors until an older woman helps her discover her true colors.

In Alan Durant’s Burger Boy, Benny only eats hamburgers and when his mother warns him that he will turn into a burger if he does not eat his vegetables, the prediction comes true! It is then up to his mother to turn Benny back into a regular boy by feeding him vegetables. A perfect and very funny book for picky eaters!

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