Monday, May 12, 2008

Recently Added Fiction

Barber, Tiki. Kickoff! 153 pages. Grades 4-6.
Tiki and Ronde's summer is winding down and it will soon be time to start junior high. This year they will tryout for the Hidden Valley Eagles team, but there is much more competition than in elementary school. Will Tiki and Ronde make the team or spend the season on the bench?

Berkeley, Jon. The Tiger's Egg. 400 pages. Grades 4-7.
In the second book from The Wednesday Tales, orphan Miles Wednesday joins the Circus Bolsillo with his angel-friend Little. Hoping to find out more about his parents, Miles joins Doctor Tau-Tau on a journey, which he believes will lead to his father, but he soon finds out that Doctor Tau-Tau is on a quest to find the Tiger's Egg instead.

Doder, Joshua. A Dog Called Grk. 241 pages. Grades 5-7.
When Tim Malt finds a dog called Grk near his home in London, he tries to find Grk's owner. After doing some detective work, Tim learns that Grk belongs to Natascha Raffifi who has been kidnapped along with her parents and taken back to their homeland in Eastern Europe. Tim is determined to return Grk to Natascha and manages to get to Stanislavia where she is being held prisoner. Will he rescue Natascha and reunite her with Grk?

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