Friday, February 15, 2008

Ellery, Tom and Amanda (2006). If I Had a Dragon. (Ages 3-7)
Morton doesn't want to play with his little brother. He wishes that his little brother could turn into a dragon. Find out if Morton enjoys having a dragon for a brother or if he might just change his mind.

MacLennan, Cathy (2007). Chicky Chicky Chook Chook. (Ages 3-7)
Your little ones will enjoy reading and singing the playful rhyming text of this story. Yellow chicks, stiped kittens, and golden bees have fun playing until it begins to rain and thunder. How will they get dry again?

Rockwell, Anne (2006). Backyard Bear. (Gr.K-3)
A young black bear is ready to be on his own, but as he ventures out into the woods he finds bulldozers and chainsaws cutting down his home. He runs away from the noise and explores people's backyards where he searches for food and finds garbage. What will happen when the people see the bear?

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