Thursday, February 21, 2008

King-Smith, Dick. The Nine Lives of Aristotle. 77 pages. (Gr. 1-3)
This is a great story for an independent reader or a read aloud about an adventurous kitten named Aristotle. His owner, Bella Donna, is a very kind witch and always rescues him when he gets into trouble. It is said that cats have nine lives and poor Aristotle goes through eight of them in this one book! Subtle illustrations accompany the text and make it easier for a younger child to read and enjoy. Do you have a more advanced reader? Try King-Smith's other chapter books about animals, such as Ace, the Very Important Pig or Harriet's Hare.

Landry, Leo. Fat Bat and Swoop. 64 pages. (Gr. 1-3)
In this early chapter book, two friends Fat Bat and Swoop, like to fly around and get into trouble. Sometimes they fly through the clothesline and scare their friend Emily because they look like ghosts! Find out if Emily thinks its funny or not.

Ludwig, Trudy. Just Kidding. 1 v. (Gr. 1-4)
This is a useful picture book for older kids and parents who want to know how to stop bullying or teasing. D.J. has a friend named Vince, who likes to tease him and then says "Just kidding." How can D.J. let him know that what he's doing is not funny and is hurting his feelings? There is a list of recommended readings for adults and children about bullying, as well as some websites and organization names.

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