Monday, August 25, 2008

Calling all Harry Potter fans!

Neff, Henry H. (2007). The Hound of Rowan. (The Tapestry, bk. 1), 414 pages. Grades 5 -7.

When twelve year old Max stumbles upon a mysterious room at the Art Institute of Chicago, he finds a Celtic tapestry and has a confusing vision. Suddenly, he is the focus of a group of people at Rowan Academy, a secret school for people with magical capabilities. Max chooses to attend this school as an Apprentice (first year) where he learns how to use his magical skills and super-human powers. In addition, he learns that evil continues to lurk around the world and that children like him are being kidnapped by the enemy. After Max is captured by the enemy, he is brought to a crypt in Ireland where the other children are being kept. It is up to him to rescue these children and escape back to Rowan. The second book, The Second Siege, is due out in September.

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