Monday, August 18, 2008

A Ghost Story

Hahn, Mary Downing (2008). All the Lovely Bad Ones: A Ghost Story. 182 pages. Grades 4-7.

Travis and his sister, Corey, like to make trouble. This summer they are staying at their grandmother's Vermont inn, because they were kicked out of camp. When they arrive at their grandmother's home, they learn about the spooky history of the inn. Their grandmother doesn't believe in the supernatural, but Travis and Corey think that it would be fun to find ghosts. They make the guests believe that the ghosts are back by doing a little haunting of their own and the inn is suddenly swamped by "ghost hunters." Soon Travis and Corey realize that their mischief has awakened the inn's real ghosts. Many spirits fill the inn, including one dark and menacing ghost of a former tenant. Travis and Corey learn about the horrors that took place within the inn and on its grounds. Now they must help the ghosts find peace or else they will never leave the inn.

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