Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friendship and strength in the Bronx

Adler, David A. (2008). Don't Talk to Me about the War. Grades 5-7.
It is 1940 and thirteen-year-old Tommy's life is about to change. All his friend Beth talks about these days is the war in Europe. But Tommy doesn't care about that--it's so far away. He would rather listen to the Dodgers game and play stickball. When Beth introduces him to a girl named Sarah, who used to live in Germany, Tommy learns about her experiences with the war and the reason why her family came to the U.S. In addition to the war, Tommy's mother's health is declining and she doesn't know why. The responsibilities at home begin to increase and at first Tommy worries that he won't have time to spend with his friends, but in the end he realizes what really matters.
Adler provides accurate historical details from this time period and creates a character that kids will be able to relate to while learning more about America's role during World War II.

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