Sunday, January 25, 2009

Summer of self-discovery

Hirahara, Naomi (2008). 1001 Cranes. Grades 5-8.

Twelve-year-old Angela is sent to live with her grandparents and aunt Janet in Los Angeles for the summer. Unhappy with this situation, Angela arrives determined not to have a good time. Her parents are in the midst of a divorce and Angela feels that they are just trying to get rid of her. She spends the summer learning how to make cranes out of origami for wedding decorations--and actually begins to like it! While in L.A., she meets Rachel, who seems to compete for Angela's grandmother's attention and develops a crush on a skater boy. Angela also becomes friends with an elderly neighbor who is suffering from cancer. Although the adults in her family are very secretive and do not always show their love in obvious ways, over the summer, Angela realizes that love exists in many different shapes and forms.

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