Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Story of friendship in 1926 South Carolina

Fuqua, Jonathon Scott (2002). Darby.* Grades 4-6.
Set in 1926, nine-year-old Darby Carmichael lives in Marlboro County, South Carolina where racial tensions are high. Her father owns a store and is a farmer who employs black sharecroppers. One of Darby's good friends is Evette, the daughter of a sharecropper. When Evette tells Darby that she wants to be a newspaper editor, Darby begins to have writing ambitions of her own. Evette helps Darby with her first newspaper article for the local paper and after that Darby is a local celebrity, but when Darby begins to observe and write about the racial inequality and tension in her town, some citizens are less than thrilled. Unfortunately, her family becomes targeted by a group of whites that disagree with Darby's opinion.
This is a great story about a young girl who is not afraid to speak the truth, no matter the consequences. Great book for a book club or classroom read-aloud.

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