Saturday, April 18, 2009

What would happen if you invented a new word?

Clements, Andrew (1996). Frindle. Grades 3-5.

Nick Allen always came up with clever schemes to stall a teacher right before the bell rang, which usually meant no homework, but this year is going to be different. Nick is in the fifth grade and his teacher Mrs. Granger does not tolerate any type of nonsense. When Nick asks a question right before the bell, Mrs. Granger asks him to find out and report on the answer the next day! His report leaves him with an idea--he decides to get back at his teacher by inventing a new word, "frindle," which spreads like wild fire throughout the school. Soon Nick can't control the popularity of his new word and neither can Mrs. Granger. This new word catches the attention of the media and entrepreneurs, who sell products with "frindle" written on them and "frindle" is eventually included in the dictionary. Find out how Nick feels about his new word and whether he and Mrs. Granger can look past their differences.

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